Daren Metropoulos’s 10 Favorite PBR Art

December 7, 2012 10:11 pm

Popeye PBR

Popeye Hipster by K. Yurkovic

PBR Art is one of the coolest things about Pabst Blue Ribbon. Over on PBRart.com, we setup a way for artists to share their love for PBR while showcasing their artistic talent. It comes as no surprise that the PBR brand has such amazing artists.

Here are 10 of Daren Metropoulos’s favorite pieces of PBR Art.

PBR In the Cut

In the Cut by Dustin Bolinger

PBR Art by Make a Noise

Jennifer from Make a Noise

PBR Nightmares

PBR Nightmares by Edgar Lituma Soto

Pabst Pals

By Miss N.

Uuurrrrp By Harry Gordon

Painted Pabst Logo by Jeremy P. Faber

PBR Classic Flow

PBR Classic Flow by Zach Minard

PBR You Ready?

PBR You Ready? by Johnny Desctructo

Mosaic Pabst

Mosaic Pabst by Steven

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