Since acquiring the Pabst Brewing Company, America's largest privately held beer company, with his brother, Evan Metropoulos, and father, Dean, in June 2010, Daren Metropoulos has overseen PBC's extensive organizational and operational restructuring, including the formation of a new management team and the reopening of an office in Los Angeles, the second-largest beer market in the country.


In any given season there are always the events for charities, business meetings, conferences, and occasionally just a great party with musicians, actors, friends, and family. Please visit the blog and select the events category.


The Metropoulos enterprises are known for their successful strategic partnerships. The legacy of partnerships was established by Dean Metropoulos and continues on as Daren Metropoulos and his brother Evan Metropoulos continue to expand and grow the reach of the company. Daren is recognized for his contemporary view of marketing and the strong alliances with the entertainment industry.